14 December 2012

How Old Am I?

After over a month's absence from blogging, I'm back with pictures from my very recent trip to London!  I went by myself this time, which was both good, since I could wander madly without censure, and bad, since it tends to get lonely at the end of the day. It was a good trip all in all, though, even if I took fewer pictures than I thought (about 350, which I think is even less than last time...shame!)  I thought I'd kick off by showing the snaps I took of shop names and other things that made me laugh like an eight-year-old.

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KeenTeaThyme said...

Um, don't feel bad, I totally LOL'ed at all these gems. Never been to London, but this looks like a fun reason to go. Cock Tavern. Too funny! :)

Rita said...

Yes--they were all just too funny!! :)