06 February 2013

I Haven't Left London Yet!

It's been two months since I was actually in London - it really does go fast!  I think I have a few posts left in me, though.

There was an exhibit at the British Museum about, well, what the above sign says.  I made it to the museum on my Really Crazy Long Walk day, and I have to admit I didn't really take it in the way I'd have liked to.  There's just so much one can pack in, so this was more of a token visit than anything.  It's kind of a shame, too, since it was not crowded at all when I was there.  It was worth it, anyway, to see all the lovely teapots and corresponding pieces.  Of course, the exhibit also had vessels for sake drinking, and water receptacles, but it will come as no surprise that here I will share the tea things.
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