20 December 2005

The Longest Commute Ever

Transit strike! Those words always left a chilled fear in my heart. And now, one of my worst nightmares has come true.

Thankfully, many of my co-workers are from Queens, and one of them has a van. So at the crack of dawn she set out. Over two hours later she arrived to pick three of us up at Astoria. That's how much traffic there was today. She'd already picked up 3 people and we were the last stop in Queens. Still, we crawled through LIC and though the 59th Street Bridge didn't take too long, we arrived in midtown after 10:00 A.M. That's 4 hours after our brave driver set out this morning! And remind me never to drink coffee before a long van ride. Not my brightest move.

Well, it's good to be here. Hope the strike ends soon - it's too cold out; otherwise I would walk to Manhattan.

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k said...

yeah this really stinks. i feel paralyzed.