29 December 2005

Moscow Cats? Theatre

I saw the Moscow Cats Theatre performance in the theatre at BMCC. Much as it is impressive to see cats actually doing what they are told to do (my cats won't even respond to their names most of the time), there was too much clowning around. We would see a pretty good trick, and then wait another 20 minutes for the next impressive feat. The best trick was the own shown in the photo. I suppose the greatest talent one can expect from a cat trainer is making sure the cats don't get freaked out by the applause.

Verdict: Okay, a few laughts, but not worth $40.

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Marie said...

Clearly, cats are not made for doing tricks. After they do their little trick, they would walk away in their true cat aloof fashion. The ones who stayed in their place, didn't just sit still, they walked around, licked their paws and took a nap. They looked totally uninterested and bored even among the loud cheers and clapping. The only time they looked interested was when a treat was held up. The dog in the show, loyally performed all his tricks without a hitch. The cats however took a little more effort.

Its a trait of cats that I particularly love. They have their own agenda's. They will do what they want to do. They have attitude. There were a couple of cats that performed really well. The white fluffy cat was obviously the star. She pranced around as if she belonged on stage.

Sorry for writing a mini blog inside your blog, but it's something I won't have to write about on my blog - we would have similar entries.