27 December 2005

Sino likes my bag

I love the looks people give me when I carry my cat tote bag. Some mistake it for "Puss in Boots", but I think it's supposed to look like Henry VIII. Those who know me view the bag as evidence that I have truly lost my mind. (Better than losing my head, which would have been possible if it really was Henry VIII. After all, I am a Catherine, and he had three wives with that name, none of whom fared very well.)


BonBon said...

Two people today noticed your bag when I was with you and likened it to Henry VIII. Not bad, at least you're not the only one up on your English history. Oh and Sino is cute as always.

Marie said...

Sino looks like a kitten! I started your book by the way...I like it so far! You should make a book list soon!