27 December 2005

Sino likes my bag

I love the looks people give me when I carry my cat tote bag. Some mistake it for "Puss in Boots", but I think it's supposed to look like Henry VIII. Those who know me view the bag as evidence that I have truly lost my mind. (Better than losing my head, which would have been possible if it really was Henry VIII. After all, I am a Catherine, and he had three wives with that name, none of whom fared very well.)


BonBon said...

Two people today noticed your bag when I was with you and likened it to Henry VIII. Not bad, at least you're not the only one up on your English history. Oh and Sino is cute as always.

.:.marie.:. said...

Sino looks like a kitten! I started your book by the way...I like it so far! You should make a book list soon!