21 December 2006

Beach in December?

I wasn't going to swim, but it definitely felt nice to take in that sea air in mild temperatures. It's the birds, though, that really make a difference. Have you ever sat on Jones Beach and spotted some pigeons? Ugh. Then a few seagulls come and you remember you're on a beach. The birds of South Florida are a bit more varied, though I didn't mind seeing seagulls. I'm not a bird watcher, really, and I've never wanted a pet bird. These were more enjoyable to watch, though, than the surfers preening right in front of us.


Sanikdotes said...

beautiful birds...all three shots.

Anonymous said...

Nice birds Cathy. I always enjoyed the birds at the beach. Especially in the Bahamas. I loved the crystal clear blue waters there. Aunt Sandy. PS. Say hello to everyone.