14 December 2006


Anyone reading my blog back in January would have felt my frustration in not finding Jello Pudding Pops anywhere. Well, the search is over. Walmart, the retail behemoth, stocks them in a variety pack. I found them in Florida during my first ever visit to Walmart. Now they are distributed by Popsicle and are shaped slightly differently - but they taste exactly the same. What a strange rush of nostalgia in a less familiar environment! My favorite is still vanilla - I wonder if that's a white people thing. Someone who used to work in a Baskin Robbins noted that most people tended to order based on race. Each flavor was a demographic. I guess if I lost my temper a la Michael Richards I'd be hurling such stinging slurs as "Fifty years ago I'd be feeding you Rum Raisin on a spoon!"

Off that controversial tangent, I am going to take up my search once again for pudding pops in New York. This is the shopping capital of the world, for goodness' sake. If I have to endure a long cold winter (though today is nice) I will have my pudding pops.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you had a good time. No one eats pudding pops in our house anymore. Sounds good though.

k said...

maybe Whole Foods??