12 February 2007

My Tea Things #2

Combining two things I feel for: Sherlock Holmes and tea. Anyone who has shopped in the touristy areas of London will recognize this type of teapot: some come with pictures of English royalty, others have well known sites like castles and still others show scenes from famous British literature.

I've already gushed about Sherlock Holmes, and I'm not ready for a repeat performance. I've actually had a bit of trouble watching my beloved Jeremy Brett version, as this was something I shared with my Dad in the last few months of his life...I just can't bring myself to watch those shows anymore. Still, I love this teapot and its shape is just perfect - functional and scenic.
I will try to feature something for #3 that won't remind me of something sad.


Anonymous said...

That's o.k. Someday we'll watch those shows together, when the pain's not so fresh. I have a hard time looking at pictures of Dad taken within the last two or three years. I put them away for now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gata, I found your blog through Christine's (Morning Coffee and Afternoon Tea), and I'm very glad I did - apparently we share some of the same interests!

Just had to comment about this tea pot - the moment I saw it my brain spun an afternoon tea vision of dramatic Holmes readings next to a crackling fire, with actors playing out the roles of Mrs. H, Watson and Holmes...

I'm sorry to hear about the sad associations though - I know from experience it's difficult to return to something you've shared with someone who's gone - the bonds are so strong. I'm very sorry for your loss.