23 February 2007

Recycling the Past

What is it with these childhood favorites being remodeled lately?

First Strawberry Shortcake started wearing jeans. Now Holly Hobbie has been reincarnated. Apparently the new Holly is descended from the original, and she has her own TV show. Good for her.

I don't completely disapprove. These latest versions aren't bad role models for little girls - and I don't think Holly or her friends will be shaving their hair off anytime soon. I would never encourage boycotting the products just because I'm nostalgic. I say to parents, Sure, go for it!

I was looking for the classic Holly Hobbie stuff with Bonnie this week, and it's kind of needle in haystack. Though it's not completely extinct, old Holly does play hard to get. Maybe it will become like Classic Pooh, where both version live side by side in harmony.

If only all problems in life were this stressful.


k said...

gata: Ditmars Blvd b/w 23rd and 24th Streets. It's virtually in the middle of nowhere, but they have all different Harney & Sons teas and REALLY REALLY good coffee. Obviously, I don't know about the pastries, but the place is adorable. I went in for some jazz piano and poetry and it was good stuff the owner is a really chill guy with a kind of genuine 'i'm in it for the cafe and not the greed' feel to him. we should go together one day... I definitely feel like they deserve a public shoutout.

Catherine said...

Sounds like fun! Perfect after a day at the park, I would say...though don't know if I want to wait for the warm weather.

Marie said...

Stupid jeans is right! I just had to say something...I'm an 80's child, so I really wasn't exposed to Strawberry Shortcake much...but I do agree on the jeans thing. It's OLD!