03 April 2007

Mini-trip to Scotland

I had a little Highland fling this week...well, not quite. It's Tartan Week in Grand Central Terminal. Every April in Vanderbilt Hall there are sections of Scottish Specialities, from kilts to links to bagpipe music. It's all there, complete with musical performances and chances to win special trips to Scotland (like I'll ever win...)
My favorite section this time around is the food. I know, you're thinking, Scottish food - blecch! While I agree I wouldn't live on a diet of haggis for sure, there are certain things, mainly baked goods, that are wonderful. Rumor has it scones were invented in Scotland, and for a certainly there's always shortbread. Big surprise - as long at the teatime food is good, I'm all for it.
Speaking of tea, I bought a heather flavored black tea, and can't wait to try it. I've already tried the Summer Fruits Conserves (preserves) from Gillies. Just perfect.
There's a lot more to see in The Scottish Village, and there's something about the kilt-clad men that I find endearing. There are other Scotland related events around the city this week, but I probably won't be able to see it all. Still, it did get me in the mood to go back to Scotland. It's been 13 years already. I don't want another decade to go by before I return.

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Marie said...

I like the guy's expression in that pic.