11 April 2007

Rock Those Tees

I'll bet you never expected me to feature a picture of Lindsay Lohan here, but today is a special occasion. Well, it is for me anyway. I'm a little strange in that I have an ability to remember the exact date something happened, maybe not for everything, but for quite a lot. The 11th of April was the day I first became a stark-raving Queen fanatic. Though I've toned my fanaticism quite a lot in recent years (and filled it with my love for tea, cats and history), 15 years later it's still a royal passion of mine.
The above picture was actually taken months ago, but I just ran across this getup today while thumbing through the UK InStyle. I was not the happiest magazine browser at that moment. I have no idea what Ms. Lohan feels for the band, and I must admit my Queen thing was born on a day spent in Long Island, but it still bothered me. I just don't like associating Freddie and Lindsay together. I do like the tee, though I'm not a t-shirt wearer. Unless, of course, it's a "tea" shirt, ha ha ha.
Like I said, I don't know anything about LL, and I'll probably keep it that way. But, please, any of you slaves to fashion, Please don't wear rock tees unless you love the band. My Beatles tee-wearing Floridian friend is at least a Beatles fan.
If the rest of you are just wearing a tee for the whole bandwagon thing, beware. I may stop you on the street and ask you to sing a few lines from the group's song.
Anyway the wind blows......


Marie said...

Enjoyed that post! They sell a bunch of rock tees in Target, and you can spot a bunch of tweens wearing Led Zep tees and the Stones. I always thought to myself that I bet these kids do not know the songs of these bands! Yes, it's good to only sport a tee of a band that you KNOW and like.

And Gata, your Queen fanaticism is still apparant; I saw you salavating over Queen merchandise when we were together in the Virgin Megastore. Ha ha ha!

Catherine said...

Oops, busted! Yes, but I didn't succumb.

Anonymous said...

Are you swimming in NYC? Do you belive this weather?