16 April 2007

Not My Cup of Tea

One morning I was in the mood for iced tea, and settled instead on a mate "tea" from Bombilla Gourd. It set me back $2.60, which to me is a lot for bottled iced tea (even Teany charged $2.50), but I was feeling experimental.

Now, I've had yerba mate before, and it wasn't really appealing to me. I figured I'd try again, and thought that with its peach flavoring and sweetener, it couldn't be that bad.

It wasn't that bad, I mean it wasn't horrible. It just wasn't good in my opinion. I tried to like it, but it left me with a bitter aftertaste, and the feeling that I was drinking dirt. I know I like pu-erh tea, which definitely tastes like soil, but that tea stands on its own and mate doesn't stand up to my taste buds.

This doesn't mean that nobody will like it. It just means I tried to be fair and my verdict was meh.

A positive note: it's stimulating in a healthy way. It's got caffeine and theobromine, the stimulant in dark chocolate. Well, that's what the label says anyway.

1 comment:

Marie said...

I hate bad-tasting tea. Especially if you're in the mood for a good cup.