16 May 2008

I Feel So Accomplished!

No, haven't got my driver's license yet...but I did finish Middlemarch at long last. It look almost fourteen years, but today it's been done. I bought a copy of this book during my first trip to London in 1994, for only one pound. Back then that was worth less than it is now. It's actually one of the few things I still have in my possession from that trip, beside the photos.
I never thought it would take so long to finish Middlemarch - after all, it only took a couple of months to read Les Miserables, and that's even longer. The problem was that I was beset by the Ownership Curse - for years I would rarely finish books I actually owned - there were too many books borrowed from the library that I needed to finish before they were due. In the past year, though, I've been able to get over this problem. I think the new bookshelves had something to do with that. Also, for some reason in the past decade I've read an immense amount of books, but they've rarely been the classics. With the completion of Nicholas Nickleby, it seems I'm back on track.
I'm happy to report I really enjoyed Middlemarch! It's my favorite George Eliot book to date -so far I've read The Mill on the Floss and Adam Bede, and they were kind of depressing in that Thomas Hardy way. Middlemarch was not cheerful, but not miserable either. For those of you that don't mind reading books that are divided into eight books, I recommend giving it a shot. 781 pages later, I feel satisfied in that booknerd kind of way.

(Moofer, and Darjeeling)


Anonymous said...

You and your books. Still haven't got a copy of Jasper Fforde to read. Maybe I will take a trip to the library. They just did a 2 million dollar makeover and I haven't seen it yet. Good reason to go. We had a great weekend and can't wait for October. Have a good week. Sandy

Sanikdotes said...

U have to read .Hm i forgot the name of the book---O--history of --no --listen--ask JP (he is in NY for next two weeks--
O the history of the people of ______no ask JP whats the name of the book--i cant recall and i am too overweight and lazy to go check it out......it is fabulous....
I sold my middlemarch book or it got thrown out in the move---
was it any good?

Sanikdotes said...

never mind my question as to whether or not you liked the book--i re-read the entry--and now--i regret i dont have it any more---but i am enjoying the history of the people of ?

Catherine said...

I think you're referring to The People's History of the United States? I read the Columbus section, and it was more interesting than the textbooks for sure. They made a graphic novel of that book - now that should be something!