19 October 2008






I really need to catch up on my picture posting from last weekend. I have some time now, especially as I'm laid up with a raging cold, or whatever it is. Vexing as it is, I'm relieved I didn't suffer from this last week.

Why didn't I bring my shredding upstate? It would have taken five seconds to dispatch us in this lovely bonfire. There's nothing like a warm fire on a rather cold night, and a night well populated with stars. You don't see that everyday (well, I don't, anyway)
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Anonymous said...

The bonfires were so cozy. And I love the smell of a wood fire in the crisp, autumn mountain air. Aaaah...

Marie said...

I love a fire...something about sitting round one...and relaxing. There is an outdoor place here that has firepits all over. Must go when you come, Cat.

Writing on Board said...

I love that pic of the guy in the folding chair with his jaw in his hand. Boredfire.

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