13 October 2008


I got the following message from an eBay seller regarding an item I received about a month ago:

"I don't understand why you won't take the short time it takes to go to your feedback profile and leave me some positive feedback as I and others have done for you. Please take a moment to leave me a kind word, as I did my very best to make you a happy eBayer."

Here's the thing. The item was sent in a timely manner, the transaction was smooth, and I tend to leave feedback in these instances. Sometimes, though, I let one or two slip past me. The usual reason is that I just got off an eBay buying spree, which though much tamer than the ones in previous years still frightened me. I'm a recovering shopaholic, and I've done so well that even a slight lapse of control is disappointing. So I try to leave feedback as often as possible, but when I get off one of my binges I attempt to keep off the eBay site altogether for as long as I can.

Does this guy deserve positive feedback? Perhaps, but I don't like being hounded for my input. I don't do that to my buyers. So, as Kip would say, "I'm a little T.O.'d" (Napoleon Dynamite reference.)

Now I'd like your opinion on this matter, but don't worry, I won't hound you for it.


Anonymous said...

My opinion: STAY AWAY FROM EBAY!!!!

I think I'd be a little T.O'ed though, too. I mean if I understand Ebay, it's buying and selling, right? So if in the real world someone bought something from me, I wouldn't expect a whole lot of thanks; it's a business transaction. If, on the other hand, I gave something to someone as a gift, I guess I'd expect more of a thankyou. But this person seems a bit petty. Yet another reason to STAY AWAY FROM EBAY!!!!

Anonymous said...

does this person have your address? he sounds creepy to me. it's a business transaction, not a social call. then again, i've never been on ebay. it'll make you think twice about having a relapse, though.

Marie said...

My real opinion?? NEVER LEAVE THE FEEDBACK. LOL! I've notified people to send feedback before, but I just say: "Hello! Just letting you know I just left you some feedback, feel free to return the favor!"

It sounds like a WOMAN wrote that! PMS maybe??? I would be tempted to write that I had just gone though something horrible just to make her feel bad. LOL.