26 November 2008

I Can Has Shepherd's Pie!

It's been a bit rough going, trying to keep away from red meat. Sometimes I want a cheeseburger, and the turkey version doesn't always cut it. I'm especially wary of Shepherd's Pie, as I had a violent reaction to it once, resulting in a dreadfully unpleasant subway ride home (which reminds me, even on a decent day the subway and its riders are getting nastier than ever.)

I was curious, then, about Teany's Shepherd's Pie. Would the vegetarian version make a decent substitute? Why yes, it would! It was really all I needed, though I also had the lentil soup, which was good but a bit rough on the system later on. Yes, on a November day, it was more than acceptable, and cozy. That's good, because after a traumatically crowded visit to Whole Foods, I needed comfort food (yes, I earn the Moron of the Day Award for going to a normally overcrowded grocery store the day before Thanksgiving.) Bathy thought the SP was rather nice too.

I hope I've made the point that not every tea room is all about pretty china and frilly tablecloths (not that I mind those things, but you have to want variety here and there if you live in NY). On the subject of tea rooms, I must add that the Teanychino is one of the best ways to drink Mate. Normally, I'm not a fan of Mate as a drink, but this is a subtle way to enjoy it. It's got almond and vanilla and some flowery bits, which covers up the "swill" factor I find in most Mate. By the way, it's not pronounced to rhyme with gate, more like mah-tay.

I'd still like a cheeseburger, though. At least I was able to hold off this craving for yet another day.


Anonymous said...

That picture is BEAUTIFUL! Very soothing :)

Glad you had fun w/Bathy.

Anonymous said...

fantastic photo! i wanna be there!

Catherine said...

That pic is actually the blog's title photo (I haven't figured out how to resize it, but kinda like it big), and it's Sympathy for the Kettle.

Marie said...

I like the photo too...use picasa to resize.

I could actually go for a cheeseburger right now...the kind you get at a diner w/ fries. Mmm.

Yes, tea rooms don't have to be all frilly - like they always say variety is the spice of life.

Catherine said...

You don't KNOW how many times I've wanted to stomp off to a diner and get a cheesburger deluxe with a vanilla milk shake. That's digestive suicide for me, though somehow I survived taco beef Saturday. I'm waiting for the right time (of month?) to go for the whole deluxe. It has to be totally worth it.