16 June 2009

Another good reason to get up in the morning.

Ha! Not really. There's no good reason to get out of bed in the morning. There's just necessities of life which impel one to haul our carcasses out of the comforts of home and into our office/errands/school/whatever. Really, for me even the prospect of going somewhere I've been wanting to go to doesn't help - though it doesn't hurt, either.

Still, we do what we have to do, and it is helpful when something brings a smile to our faces on the way. That's what happened to me after another hectic commute to Grand Central Terminal. Greeting me in the Lexington Passive was the brand new shop, Tea & Honey.

I'd seen this place for a few weeks "Opening Spring 2009", but didn't want to get excited. What if it wasn't a tea shop? What if it was children's clothing? Or another card store? Nearby was another new store called Cursive, which is really cute with all sorts of gift items, but it's kind of pricey. They have a shop in ABC Carpet, so that made sense, but it doesn't help my wallet any.

Tea and Honey is a tea shop for real. It sells a decent variety of teas from companies like Tavalon and a Parisian company Le Palais des Teas. I saw Kusmi as well. The featured tea was a tisane called Crimson Punch from Tavalon, which is a fruit infusion. I happened to have bought this one at the Tea & Coffee Festival, and it's a hit. It went over well at a tea party I had at my apartment recently (it was supposed to be a picnic in the park but June 2009 is the rainiest month ever!) So I knew this shop had something going on.

The lady that worked in the shop (will I ever remember to get names?) was friendly and knew what she was talking about, which helps. She also said they'd be getting even more items soon...I have something to look forward to! At my first visit I picked up Rose de Chine from Le Palais des Teas. It's a rose flavored black tea and a definite favorite of mine.

True to its name, there's plenty of honey on offer, but I obviously didn't focus on that. Another time, perhaps. I'll also need more time to check out all the teapots and strainers and paraphernalia I already have too much of at home but never get enough of. The same applies to the tea books.

Thank goodness, something pleasant to focus on instead of the crush of people and my tendency to fall down subway stairs.


Laura Schaefer said...

Tea and Honey sounds nice. I like the idea of the calmness of tea juxtaposed against the background of the busy rush of people.

Marie said...

Yay, you have a new tea source that's very convenient! :)