15 June 2009


I love tea. I love mojitos. Put them together...


Alice's Tea Cup, Chapter II, has a tea cocktail menu, which has something for everyone. There are Mar-tea-nis, of course, and Bathy, back from North Carolina, had a lovely rose tea and vodka mix that was really nice. But Alice's Tea-Jito is the ultimate poison for me. It's made mainly with Moroccan Mint Tea, rum and what tasted like honey. I've always said Moroccan Mint is the Mojito of the tea world, and it seems they have the same idea. Plus, this seems to be a generally healthy mix, which helps since cocktails tend to be high on calories.

I figure this is now a great place to recommend to ladies who'd like to go out for drinks but don't want to be hit on. There are always men in Alice's, but they're usually with their wives, their kids, or they're gay. This is just a generalization; I'm sure there's exceptions. Anyway, at $10 a drink it's not cheap, but not as crazy as some places in the City. In the evening there won't be a whole lot of families either, so they might have a little niche carved out in the girls' night out market.

However, there is something called 'the man's drink', which is made with lapsang souchong and black label. And haven't I always said lapsang souchong is the whiskey (especially Scotch) of the tea world? Yes, that's what I said.


Laura Schaefer said...

I love the idea of a tea mojito. Yum!!

Marie said...

A "MUST TRY" for me!!!! :)