08 December 2009


I'm one of those people who actually sits through commercials during DVR'd programs. Not all the time, of course, but I do like to see what's going on in advertising. It is its own art form, after all.

There aren't too many tea commercials on television - at least, not in the US. Bottled iced tea companies, once in a while, but otherwise it's extremely rare. So it felt like a new experience when I happened to pass by Radiance today, and saw there were two TV screens outside, on the building wall itself but at eye level, playing what was essentially ads for the tea room. The one I watched in its entirety (I was pressed for time, but it wasn't very long) showed scenes from inside the tea room. A woman enters Radiance and is greeted by one of the staff. Eventually she is joined by another guest. There's a small group of people who seems to be having a business lunch. Shots of the tea merchandise are shown, and of course the tea fare. We are also shown some really studious looking people seated at library-type tables in the bookshop section, each enjoying a cup of tea as they are jotting down notes. Everything is bright and welcoming...well, radiant.

I was five seconds from being pulled in by this promotional tractor beam. What an excellent idea. It wasn't Times Square flashy - it was peaceful, just like the words on the screen say: "an oasis in the city". There was no volume, though, so I did wonder if the video had any actual dialogue or soundtrack.

I'm gonna keep a lookout for more tea advertising in the future. I love the old ads from companies like Lipton and Ty-phoo, and would collect them if I had any room left to do so. Well, there's always room on YouTube!


Nicole said...

I love those screens in front of Radiance. It is true that you don't often see tea advertising. I miss the old Tetley tea commercials.

Marie said...

LOL, it must have been tantalizing for it to almost draw you in without even having SOUND!

Marie said...

Cleaver title!