22 December 2009

Well, the tea tastings have been on hiatus...but...

When your eagerly anticipated final 4-day weekend of the year comes around, if you're a Tea Queen Book Lover and it's supposed to be not the best weather that particular weekend, your itinerary might include the following: catching up on reading, doing some much needed home organization, maybe some shopping, writing, baking, and of course, tea tasting. I really intended to get to a good portion of these things among others, and what better time to really concentrate on all the teas I've read to taste in earnest than a long, chilly weekend? The best intentions, sadly: my immune system had other plans.

I spent four days sleeping, blowing my nose, sipping Theraflu, sleeping some more, trying to read and being too tired to, and sleeping again. There was a bit of staring at the TV slack-jawed in the midst of all that. Good job I had that time off, but not too exciting. Not really cozy either, especially when my lungs turned into a 5-car pileup. Sure, I drank tea, but the taste buds have been a bit off, so I mostly stuck to whatever was getting stale, with some honey. I was too miserable to be miserable.

I returned to work today, feeling almost better - though I sound horrible. Kind of like a husky Big Bird. I'm not as tired as before, but I'm not quite up to distinguishing particular flavors in tea, so I really wanted something to cheer me up.

Here's what I got: the library had the new Jasper Fforde book, Shades of Grey, waiting for me. It was earlier than I'd expected: Amazon said it'd be out on the 29th. At the library I bought a green lion tote for $1, which will be useful (and adds to the Mad Cat Lady persona.) Then I found out that Financier opened up in Grand Central Terminal. It sounds kind of financial, but it's actually a patisserie that just happens to have macarons! Okay, they don't have quite the variety that Macaron Cafe has, but I am saved a good half mile walk on a freezing day. My chest thanks me. I tried one of the macarons already. It tastes of almonds, with a chocolate ganache. The consistency is slightly different than what I'm used to, but it's still Heaven. I'm going to have to figure out a good tea pairing with this one. At least I have my book pairing!

So I figure you can't have everything, but you can have a thing or two, and that's something.


Bonnie said...

Linda and I were just eating the Financier macarons and were in sheer eating bliss!!! You're right, the consistency is a little different than the macaron cafe, but no matter, it's still magnificent. Your chest might thank you for the closer walk to macarons but my waist will not!
Anyway, I'm looking forward to digging into the new Fforde book; it looks amazing! And 2 more 2 come! Not to mention all the Alexander McCall Smith books! Aah today is a day for readers and "foodies" to rejoice - quotes intentional ;)

sandy said...

I heard you guys got blasted with snow. Na Na Na Na Na . Glad it is you guys this time. Nothing here which suites me just fine. I am always looking for something good to read. What does Fforde write about. sandy

Alex Daw said...

What a great blog! Thanks for sharing with fellow librarythingers. I look forward to your next post. I blog spasmodically - haven't found my focus yet. Loved the photos of the cat. I used to have cats but married a dog person who's not fond of cats. I miss them dreadfully.