10 January 2006

Cinnamon ("Sino"), 1993-2006

My first cat, Cinnamon, died peacefully last night at the veterinary office. He's been in decline for quite some time, and losing weight rapidly. It was a hard decision to let him go; he was such a good companion and saw us through many hard times. But it would have been selfish to let him suffer for weeks on and on, without hope. I'm going to miss him so much, for his playfulness and cuddliness and the softest fur in the world. And he brought my Dad so much happiness when he needed it most. I'll never forget my big boy, the one who turned me into a cat person.
I love you, Sine.


Marie said...

:'-( Poor Sino, he was a good boy. His memory will live on.

SoniaLovesCats said...

So sorry for the loss of your beloved Cinnamon, Cathy. I know the pain of losing a loved one and am still mourning the loss of my precious boy Mackenzie who died a on November 19,2005 of Kidney Cancer. In 3 weeks he would have been 8 years old. He was the sweetest most affectionate cat I have ever known. Just thinking about him brings tears to my eyes. I will miss him always. May your Sino live on in your heart forever.

Anonymous said...

As Dad said, he was a tribute to cats. i'm glad we were there with him, i think he was too. what better way to go than with those who love you at your side. he'll be in my heart forever.

k said...

sorry to hear about this, cathy. :(

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh.... Sorry to hear Cat. It's sad, I think about my cats, and I know soon they will follow. I mean what's 15 years? too fast!