27 February 2006


Probably the most enjoyable way of spending a late Sunday morning is a long, relaxing brunch. It's comparable to afternoon tea, just slightly earlier. (Of course, when I had "afternoon" tea on Friday evening, it was just fine to me, since I had Rooibos.)

Yesterday four of us tried a place in Astoria that all of a sudden has entered a collective awareness amongst my friends: Cafe Bar. I'm not a bar person, but during the day it's all right. Inside it's kind of funky, all kinds of couches and eclectively appointed. (Sounds like a hotel review!) One corner of the room looks a bit like the basement from "That 70's Show," without the chemical additives. I ordered a fine omelette, full of herbs and goat cheese. Absolutely adorable. Their french toast was good, and their fresh fruit perfect. My one complaint (yes, here it comes) was the tea. Of course. They boasted a large tea menu, and I ordered the Ceylon Green Tea. They served it in a bag! That was not the biggest problem, though. Not only was it just a bag in a glass, but it was four bucks!!!!!!!! What is this, Paris? The tea tasted just fine, but don't rob me blind!

Overall, I recommend it, but...(cringe)....get the coffee instead. Not that I got rave reviews of that either. Okay, get a Mimosa.

Otherwise, I'm quite relaxed.


Marie said...

Yes, it was quite relaxing and enjoyable. I liked your review!

k said...

yeah, the first time I went there I got a chai and it was stinking Celestial Seasonings and hot water. I could have bought a box of it from Keyfood for the same price as a mug there. definitely stick to the coffee (they have soymilk!)