13 February 2006


It obviously snowed this weekend. Record levels! But it's not qualified as a blizzard as the wind wasn't strong enough. Okay.... I still think 26.9 inches is nothing to sneeze at.

I'll have more pictures soon, but I thought I'd leave these peaceful backyard shots as a reminder of how lovely snow can make things (when it's new anyway).

Nothing like a cozy day with a warm cup of tea and a number of good books, and Napoleon Dynamite. I also watched The Sign of Four, a Sherlock Holmes mystery with Jeremy Brett. What an old teatime favorite (for me).

And I still made it to work in good time this morning.


BonBon said...

That picture of Zenobia is really cute (she really looks like Duforth from the back).

Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

It's funny how animals can give the appearance of being DEEP in thought. Kind of like certain men, though when u ask them 'what r u thinking', their response can very well be 'Nothing'and it can be true. Maybe thats how the theory of evolution was considered. Man has not evolved far from beast.
(Please I hope you all know I am completely and throughly joking.)

Marie said...

Ha ha ha...I like Steph's comment. Yeah, animals do have a way of looking thoughtful. I love the indoor-looking-out-the-window shots.

Anonymous said...

this reminds me of a time dean asked dad what he thought sino was thinking. and dad said, not a darned (well, i don't think he used that word) thing. he was probably right. we so anthropomorphize our lovely creatures.