16 February 2006

Tea Memories

Thought I'd share some old (well, 2003) pictures of me making a blend of tea at Whittard. (Somehow I placed the pictures in backwards order.)

I've written about this place before, the T-Zone where you can use different oils and fruits, some spices, to mix with base teas (Keemun, Assam, Sencha etc.) to make something really flavorful. Though I usually lean toward the teas without flavoring nowadays, like Darjeeling, I don't mind the occasional Mango Indica or, of course, chai, which is much more than tea. Still, I am slightly more snobbish about the quality of tea than I used to be, say, ten years ago when I was still a teenager. I took the time to have a refined tongue, though this usually only applies to tea and chocolate (maybe some pasta sauces too.) Yet when I look at my photos and videos from ten years ago, I looked a lot more like an uptight snot than I do now. Maybe I am a more relaxed person nowadays. Perhaps, like wine or Pu-Erh, it pays to age a bit.

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Marie said...

You always look like you're in your element when around the tea leaves. It's like your version of catnip.