11 April 2006

Alice's Flippin' Tea Cup, Chapter II

I really don't know about this place.

First of all, I absolutely love the decor, it's all purpley and fairy, ultrafeminine. That being said, it's one of the most difficult places to drag a male. Unless he is with a spouse or kids, the average guy is going to be sick inside Alice's. Even though the food is magnificent, he would not deem the prices worth the torture of the interior (waitresses with fairy wings!) I will no longer attempt to convince any guys I know to visit Alice's Tea Cup, except maybe Marie's Anthony. He was fine with it, though I'm sure it wouldn't have been his first choice.

Maybe this is a good thing. Teatime was always (in western society, anyway) the place for females to get together - an answer to coffeehouses and pubs I guess.

If you are going to Alice's, though, whatever gender you may be, please make a reservation beforehand: not same-day, though. On Sunday Cathy B. and I called an hour before and the hostess advised that they don't do same-day. This I thought a bit odd - in March we made a reservation 2 hours in advance, no problem. Back to Sunday, though I was told on the phone we'd have a 20-30 minute wait, upon arrival it was an hour. Then the hostess said I should have called to be put on a waiting list. Um, duh! Didn't I call an hour before?

I get tired of this kind of treatment at tearooms. I don't really need to be THE TEA QUEEN wherever I go - it's just that everyone wants to feel welcome in a tearoom. This is especially true when I arrive dressed for tea - I could have come in jeans, but I wore a very appropriate and if I may say - lovely! - outfit on Sunday. So did Cathy B. (Tea wear, not ware, will be discussed in an upcoming post.)

We were seated upstairs (this is the eastside Alice's, of course) which is airy and usually the more pleasant option. Sadly, some baby shower spilled out into our room and their table exploded with laughter - not once, but over and over again. HAHA!!..........HA HA!!!!..........................................................HAHAHA!!!!!! Oh, migraine!

Finally, come on! A little more cream! This is supposed to be Alice's adventures, not Oliver Twist!!! (Dang!)

Perhaps the real chapter borrowed from Mr. Carroll's stories was the Mad Tea Party, with emphasis on MAD. The owners must suffer from mercury poisoning.

Love the sandwiches, though.

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Marie said...

Alice's Tea Cup has the decor down, and the food for the most part. What they do not have down is their reservation system, as you noted and their cream is not authentic!!!!

(Bratty rant of the day)