10 April 2006

Grandma, Grandma

I could never write a tribute as fitting as Bonnie's, so I won't. Suffice it to say I'll miss Grandma very much and remember all the good times we had together as a child and recently. I loved her energy and presence of mind: hopefully some of her positive qualities will manifest themselves in her descendants. I loved the way she posed for a picture on a bicycle, even though she never learned to ride. Sounds like another Catherine I know!

This picture is from last September, when Pam took Grandma and I to the New York Botanical Gardens. We had such a pleasant day. It was rather sunny out, so she had to purchase a hat in the gift shop. It looked like a safari hat. She was slightly self-conscious about it; Grandma always took pride in her appearance, as her many photographs show. Pam and I loved the way the hat looked on her, and I'm glad I had my camera phone that day to get this last image of her.

(As befits this blog, she was also one of my influences in getting into tea. Her 1940's rationing story encouraged me to stop sweetening my tea.)

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