26 April 2006

Roget is Feeling Neglected

I admit I use the word "great" often enough. It fits many descriptions, it's short and to the point, and it's an easy word to use when smiling. If someone tells me good news or promises to give me something I'd like to have, I'll say, "Great!" and toss my head in that way that comes instinctively to blonde Americans. I even did a search of this word on my blog, and before today I've used it eight times.

I find, though, that there is overkill of this adjective, especially when the English language has so much to choose from. In the past one would have to topple the Persian Empire before being labeled The Great, and who knows if this was truly deserved? Now the word is thrown about willy-nilly, without regard to appropriateness or boredom. I was watching TLC's "What Not to Wear," and nearly every garment that was recommended was great. "This is a great top", "Here we have a great jacket": ouch! It was grating my mind! Then I heard it repeated on the Style Network, all kinds of shopping programs, magazines, ebay, everywhere!

People - we have some wonderful adjectives out there. Try these: splendid, terrible, marvelous, lovely, beautiful, magnificent, splendid, brilliant, fabulous, fantastic, cute, superb, sensational, outstanding, fine, amazing, grand; even groovy works sometimes. I don't recommend "hot," it's too Paris Hilton.

Next time I ask you how that cup of tea was, what are you going to say?

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Marie said...

The tea was delightful!