18 July 2006

In the heat I'm dreaming of boots

I don't know why this happens. It's absolutely sweltering outside, and I want these boots so bad...I'll never buy them because that's way to much for anything wearable outside of eyeglasses or a wedding dress.

Last July I went on a boot buying spree on ebay. Now I have no room for my collection and most of them I've worn only once or twice. I'm holding back this year.

I want to bake again too - food, not my skin.

Where has my autumn gone?


k said...

you could totally rock those boots. but dag the PRICE!!

Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

Hey---get yourself a pair of black boots --simliar and I'll paint them the same for a hundred bucks!

Catherine said...

All right! Payless, here I come!

Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

you and your sisters and even Dad and Aunt feel significant to me. Even if I am more absent then present. I Love you girls... just looking at your blog in a post reality bite puts it all into perspective. Ironically the pains of these stinking system is all part of the unrealities , the sting that will lose its power soon.
I have always hated and empathized with your dads loss of youth---we are jipped of potential of selves sometimes beyond ones control. I look forward to greeting your dad George in the new system. To look him in the eye and see him Young and free again. (without his vest of protective armor) It will be sublime when you all can be together again and enjoy your family sans the enemy' design.
I am right by your sides...now and hopefully forever.
when it all starts to get to the next phase----
write it out. If u need more leaves I have a few books you can fill.
Verbally --no words are right. The seem superfluous.
U don't have to post this----its an impulsive reaction to visiting your 'looked forward to' voice.
It can stay private.
make sure you eat or at least drink something with protein and vitamins. and water...
Go to health food store for some rejuvinating smoothies.