07 July 2006

Sheer Madness

It's a real good thing I'm spending a weekend away from home. I've had a bad week - well, the days have been okay, but oh! those summer nights! Sorry, had a Grease moment there.

The problem with the warm weather, especially when school is out, is the constant barrage of teenagers making noise outside my bedroom window. I was a teenager not too long ago, so I know it's fun to hang out till 3 am doing absolutely nothing worthwhile. But when you're an adult, even one with a slight Peter Pan complex, the sound of idiot on a Thursday night is enough to drive one mad!!! I've installed a bed cushion in my library for the most desperate of nights, but it's not really comfortable if I sleep there every night.

Last night was no different. As I started dozing off, the voices began. Then the cigarette smoke filtered in through the window and it was just too much. Then I realized I didn't have to wake up this morning, so I put on some music. When I was finally at the point of exhaustion, I stepped out to the kitchen for some water. Zenobia was scrambling around...next thing I know she had a mouse in her mouth! Suddenly I was airborne. I wouldn't get off the couch till my Dad got the mouse. Sadly, he never did, and Zenobia is the worst huntress ever! She let it get away, and then moaned in syllables till she got tired.

Somehow I did end up getting some sleep without the help of tranquilizers, but I have to say that was a pretty pathetic night. And Zenobia's lame.


k said...


Catherine said...

I know, I've tried that and earplugs...they always slip out. I'm thinking of getting some white noise to drown it out. Playing music is like burning incense by a litterbox, not quite right.

k said...

PS--probably overambitious summer reading: "The Mill on the Floss" by George Eliot, "Purgatorio" by Dante and "The Paradiso" by Dante (finished "The Inferno" last semester and wrote a thesis on it).

Have you read any of them?

Catherine said...

I read Mill on the Floss in 12th grade, so I don't remember much - I get it confused with Adam Bede. I'm sure it was good, though.

Marie said...

Zeno the lame huntress! It was her first one, and your screaming probably distracted her. I'm sure she'll be better in time.