17 July 2006

Tea in DC

The Park Hyatt in Georgetown is a gorgeous hotel. The bathroom in our room looked like a spa, and the staff are incredibly attentive. Of course, what excited me about staying there was its Tea Cellar. It's just a room near the lounge where they serve all kinds of fine tea. The servers pour tea gradually to get just the right flavor. With more time I'd have sampled a vast portion of their selection, but as it was I only tried three. The Sencha was fresh and grassy, just as I like it. I wish I could remember the name of the herbal blend I enjoyed. Anyway, it's fabulous. The English Breakfast blend left a little to be desired - it kind of tasted like tonic water. Nevertheless, I love when any place makes an effort to make a decent cup of tea.

The crowning glory of the hotel is the apple pie. It is absolute bliss. Cathy B. and I are craving it over a week later. Someday....I'll be back.
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