21 March 2007

Bubble Buddies

I was pleased to find out Tavalon has bubble tea. I was even more eager cash in my coupon for free bubble tea this Monday. I had the Green Tea Latte - though I'd never add milk to hot green tea, put it over ice and tapioca pearls and it's refreshing. It was a little bit like green tea ice cream. Bonnie tried the Taro Tornado. She agreed with the staff that it tasted like good cereal milk (think after Lucky Charms.) I'll be sure to return to Tavalon - though it's not a large place, they are knowledgeable about tea and that's the main thing. (By the way, the first picture is from their website.)

1 comment:

Marie said...

The cereal milk comparison helped me get an idea of what it might taste like. Sounds yummy!