07 March 2007

Should I like this or be insulted?

I stumbled across teabirds today. It's a blog that features cute girls drinking tea. It's kind of a humorous idea, and I have no problem with someone appreciating attractive tea lovers. My only issue is that the girls tend to look the same - mostly white, extremely thin (do they stick a finger in their throat after sampling the scones? I know that's mean, but I'm catty, especially when it comes to tea.) The biggest problem is the lack of comment moderation. Someone left a really nasty comment in a past post, and no one thought to remove it. Whoever submits pictures to this site needs to expect to be objectified.

I think I'll keep my own tea drinking pics right here. It would be bad enough to have someone leave a nasty comment about me - it would be even worse to have my picture rejected. Oh the horror!

What will they think of next?

(Similar sentiments exist for Babes with Books.)

1 comment:

Marie said...

I think it's dumb, just focuses on outside attractiveness.