10 March 2007

My Tea Things #3

This is a strawberry teapot. I don't think I needed to say that.

I'm not really a strawberry eater - I've only had a few good ones in my life and the "straw" parts get on my nerves. They don't gross me out like tomatoes, though. I think they are one of the best looking fruits, actually.

Whenever I look at this teapot, though, I am reminded of a plush strawberry doll Marie and I came across in a home in Plumstead (east of London.) It was so vacant looking it brought out the ridiculous in us. So, armed with my new (at the time) camcorder and Marie's cartoon voice, we did a mock children's show that I'll probably never show to anyone. Still, good times. In case you were wondering, his name is "Mr. Strawberry." He didn't smell like Strawberry Shortcake.

The teapot is kind of small, so it's mostly used for decoration. I've had it forever, don't really remember where I got it. That's kind of unusual for me.

1 comment:

Marie said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe the screenshots you took...I never in a million years would expect to click to your blog to see: MR STRAWBERRY!

His vacant eyes and short limbs did bring out the silly in us. What good times!

It was so fun to be stupid sometimes.