06 March 2007

You just don't see this in Astoria

Since I literally cannot travel anytime soon (unless one of you lovely people out there would like to finance a trip for me :}), I have to enjoy whatever memorabilia or photos I have from trips past.
I've never been inside the Tower of London, though I've been right next to it, but someday I guess I should take a tour. Amazing how this place went from being a royal residence to a daunting prison. At least one Catherine I know (Howard, the fifth wife of Henry III) was beheaded here. Her cousin Elizabeth survived her stay at the Tower, and lived long enough to send others here to their ultimate demise (or sometimes just a frightening stay.)
That's just a fraction of the historical events that transpired at the Tower, I don't even want to get into the torturing. But I have to say, stare at this place from the bridge and you'll be impressed. If you're from the U.S., this is even more true, as we just don't have buildings dating back to the eleventh century.

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