16 December 2009

I can't help myself!

It's not like I need any new tea. Now, if I can find an excuse for buying some, it quickly seems like a need.

So, at work we have tea. The choices are Earl Grey, Green Tea (possibly a Sencha but Celestial Seasonings didn't specify), and Lipton. If I'm in need of a quick caffeine fix, this is fine, and I'm grateful for these provisions. But I'm a girl who likes variety, and during the winter months this becomes even more of a necessity. If I get bored in the flavor department, I'll be sorely tempted to rush out and get a cupcake or two...Crumbs and the Cupcake Truck are too close to the office building. This is a fun solution, of course, but if I keep going at this rate I'm gonna bust out of my clothes Incredible Hulk-style.

I have brought in my own tea often enough. I even have strainers, so I can actually have a proper tea setting at my desk. However, this isn't exactly possible on a daily basis. My job requires a bit of getting up and moving from place to place (one place more often than not being the copy room,) and it's just not practical to deal with the whole process of scooping out loose tea AND cleaning a teapot at some point in the day. I finally admitted to myself that teabags are a necessary evil in the office. So, I'd better get myself some good quality tea in some good quality, roomy teabags. Hence a great excuse for a shopping excursion.

There. I've convinced myself.

So off I went to Tea and Honey, which I wrote about exactly six months ago. I was there recently to buy tea for gifts, but for myself it's been awhile. Bianca made a bunch of good suggestions, and I settled on two boxes from Le Palais Des Thes: Saint-James and Big Ben (or should I say, Big Surprise.) Then a box from Kusmi caught my eye: their Essentials, which is two muslin sachets each of 12 different teas. Some are blends, and at least one is straight up Darjeeling. I've already tried one, Sweet Love, which I liked, though I probably wouldn't get a whole container as liquorice is not my thing really.

All of this cost enough, but at least now I have a great deal of sampling to look forward to in the cold months ahead. What can I say? It's my thing.


Marie said...

The Essentials is a good idea! I ♥ indulging in things, so by all means - go for it! :) It's good to have some warm drink in the office. My next office (which we're moving into in Jan) will be equipped! I'm going to bring my hot water boiler thing and tea. It'll be great!

Bonnie said...

Funny blog...esp the imagery of you busting out of your clothes Hulk style LOL!!!
But yeah, the tea here at work leaves much to be desired (the plain green tea is like drinking a cup of grass BLECH). And I can relate to convincing myself that there's a use for something that I want: e.g. a purple hat w/a POMPOM!!! Yes, I didn't have any purple hats, and we need to wear hats in the winter for our health. Maybe we don't need POMPOMs but it makes me happy :)
Anyway, I may sample a bag of your tea if you can spare a muslin bag.

Marlena said...

Smart cookie!