02 September 2006

Bear With Me

I'd signed up for adsense in the spring, which seems so far to be a complete waste of energy. Now they are putting up rather objectionable ads on my blogs. I've contacted the support service regarding this matter, so please be patient and ignore the ads until it gets fixed or removed.

You cannot imagine how upset I was.


Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

I must be really blind or something. I never see any ads?

k said...

Ha, that's funny. Usually they're tea ads and stuff! How nasty of them to take liberties like that.

Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

Are u talking about those really tiny yellow words above your entry?
If so...I totally ignore them. HA --too bad for Madison Ave. They've overlooked the catagory of folks who are trained to ignore adverts.

Marie said...

Darn, tea ads are up right now. What ads did they have on your blog? Ha ha ha!