11 September 2006

Way Back When

Hard to believe it's five years since 9/11. Also hard to believe it's eight years since the other 9/11 : the first time I ever fainted.

It feels like time is speeding in a dizzying pace, where everything seems like just yesterday. In September 2002, a group of us went out to eat in Little Italy. One of our friends was moving away to get married, and so I guess we were all talking about the future. Someone asked the question to the table, "Where do you see yourself in five years?" It's the job interview question I've always dreaded. Among friends, though, the first thing that came out of my mouth was, "new cats...", which cracked everyone up. Sadly, though, I was right. DuForth died 2 years after, and Sino this past January, and though I only have Zenobia, she is new. I never would have believed my Dad would be gone, though. I still can't believe it.

All the little kids I know are growing up. I hear myself saying, "Wow, you've gotten so big! I remember when you were this big" which I hated hearing from the older generations. Also heard from my mouth recently: "In my day..", "Ow! my knees!", "I don't recognize any of the VMA nominees", and, "I could be your mother! Enjoy High School!"

Well, at least I don't have acne anymore. Leave that to them whippersnappers.


k said...

Love this entry. And that's actually very ironic--the dual assocations 9/11 has for you. You're not as old as you make yourself sound, though!!

Marie said...

Yes time is speeding by us, and I do think about that night having dinner in little Italy and the "new cats" comment.

Forgive me, who was getting married?