19 September 2006

Teatime! Yay!

I spent a rainy Friday afternoon ensconced in the cozy Alice's Tea Cup - the West Side one, which I still prefer. Marie was there, and Teresa (visiting from Florida) and Melissa, her sister who now lives in NY. My day had already been a sensual delight after visiting Lush, so this was like the icing on the cake.

It's not news that I love Afternoon Tea - if I could have this every day... well, at least once a week...I would. But to be joined by other enthusiasts of the ritual was quite splendid. It was also a welcome respite from the recent hectic schedule that is my life. When my home is fully ready, of course, I will have afternoon tea in my lovely lavender living room. Going out to Alice's was certainly a treat. The atmosphere was pleasant and inviting, as opposed to Chapter II, which is gorgeous but slightly stuffy in a way I can't explain.

And as you can see above, I'm not the only one who indulges in fairy wings.

Later in the evening we spent a good deal of time in Borders - making it the ideal Gata day, rain or shine.

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k said...

those types of days out are the best. I have to visit that Alice's Teacup. Both times I went, I visited Ch. II.

Marie said...

There's a woman (behind Melissa) that looks Dee Dee Dee!!!!

Yes, that day was lovely despite the rain. And that was the day I loaded up on Lush...I'm due for a bath after this stressful week...

We must do tea time again and bring along our air filter using friend.... :)

Tea at Gata's! SOOOO excited!