05 September 2006

Keep 'em Coming!

I was reading in Crain's (yes, I was) that Miriam Novalle of the T Salon plans to open 11 more tea shops around Manhattan, as well as moving her headquarters slightly Northwest. I say, Fantastic! Hope it works out - in my opinion, one can never have too many tea shops in New York.

Three years ago I worked for one day at the T Salon, and it was kind of a fun experience. Sadly, it didn't pay enough as it was retail sales. Too bad, it was the one chance I had to impress the public with my extensive tea knowledge (though there is so much more to learn!) Still, I love all the varieties of tea they offer. Ms. Novalle is tea royalty (but not of Astoria, I hang on to that title.) I'm sure I'll keep all my senses open for the, um, openings. Hope they open one in Midtown, near Grand Central Station (if you're reading this, hint, hint?)

And I will continue to explore other tea shops all over Manhattan, and beyond!


k said...

11 tea rooms! Someone's rolling in the cash...

k said...

stevie, are you emphasizing or are we telepathic again?