18 January 2007

Gone! Gone! Gone!

The fact that it took this long for me to find out that Coliseum Books is closed for good is probably an indication of why it is closed. Someone had to mention it to me at work, and then I was like "huh?" Then I found out they'd had 40 - 70% off closing sales. Of course, I get wind of it after it's over. Can't even get the consolation prize(s).

On top of this, I pass by Gotham Book Mart every week. They've been closed for months now, seemingly on vacation, but now there's a "For Sale" sign on the window.

Then, of course, the Wild Lily Tea Room is gone. I knew that was coming, but I hate seeing a tea shop go down.

All this seems to coincide with my recent resolve to stop shopping. I've been good, rarely giving in even during the January Sales, but I suppose I'm not the only one with similar tastes who are crippled financially. It's really too bad. Much as I like Barnes and Noble, I was glad to have Coliseum, with their little cafe, a mere walk away from my job. Gotham was okay, a bit dusty, but I always had that feeling that it was a "real" bookstore.

It's really hard to be a successful independent bookseller nowadays.

On a cheerful note, the wonderful Wagamama is coming to the USA at long last. So far it's only opening in Boston, but as that was the first destination for a Lush East Coast store, I'm pretty positive we'll see some in NY in the future. I love Wagamama, with their big bowls of noodles and cafeteria seating. If they opened in Midtown near my job, I'd be in ramen heaven.

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