31 January 2007

My Tea Things: 1

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I've been collecting tea paraphernalia for over a decade now, chiefly teapots. Thought I'd show you just a few of these. This one is my favorite teapot, purchased in some outlet mall in Pennsylvania in 1995. My cat, Cinnamon, was almost 3 at that time, and I was more than pleased to see an item that combined two of my most beloved things, tea and cats (especially orange and white cats,) in one teapot. Though Cinnamon has been gone for over a year now, the memories, and the teapot, remain.


Anonymous said...

Cute teapot Cathy. I bet you have quite a collection. There is a new place opening where I work that has sells Divintea Premium teas. Ever hear of that brand? It opens Feb 1st. Can't wait to go and check it out.

Catherine said...

Wow, don't think I've ever had Divinitea? Would love to hear if it's any good.

Marie said...

Divinitea! Ha ha ha! There can never be enough names with the "tea" at the ending, right?

Teapot is cute - reminds me of the cows they have with open mouths for pouring cream.