04 January 2007

A Nose for Details

Recently I was in the Battery Park area, somewhere I don't frequent. I passed by the American Indian Museum, which I actually visited on a school trip. I only remember two things from that trip: I bought a rubber tomahawk (don't think I still have that thing), and a boy sitting in front of me on the floor during a presentation had much space between his jeans and his, um, crack. A kid sitting next to me but a pistachio shell into that gap. I guess I wasn't paying much attention to the presentation. And I obviously never noticed these statues. You can guess my favorite - the lion's nose. Maybe it's supposed to represent justice (there's a bankruptcy court on the same block), or something impressive. I just thought it looked like a kitty sniffing the air. I wonder if you could fit a nutshell in that nostril

1 comment:

Marie said...

Wow, cool childhood memory. Made me crack up. (No pun intended).

Kitty nose is cute. I watched the show on Animal Planet: Growing Up Black Leopard.

I SO want one!