27 January 2007

On the go at St. Mark's Place

Anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I really don't like to walk and eat. Ice cream, maybe...you know, some food is made for strolling and I've indulged in a pretzel on the go here and there. For the most part, I need to sit for a few minutes and digest - I have the most sensitive digestive system. If I'm dining out alone - which I am not afraid of doing, I'm not completely socially phobic, I like to have a book to read.

Passing by this place on St. Mark's Place, I couldn't help but find it intriguing. "Bamn!" sounds like a euphemism, or something heard on a food channel, but it works well for what it provides. It's an automat, all kinds of fast food, including some Asian entrees. It looks bright and cheery. I haven't actually tried anything from Bamn! yet, but maybe when the weather is outdoor friendly I'll pick something up to snack on in a nearby park.


Anonymous said...

You are so fortuante to have so many places to go to walking or on the train. So unlike us. 8 miles by car to the nearest grocery store. And make sure you have gas in your car. yuk. Checked out train fares to NYC. Not cheap. Anyway have a good time at all the new places you get to check out. Aunt Sandy

Sanikdotes said...

there use to be this place called ??? back in the late sixties...it was one of those kind of places...howard johnsons use to have one too....boy your getting me to really transport time

Marie said...

I always wanted to get a pic of that place. Yeah, seems futuristic and cool. A must try...maybe in the summer time when you can snag a bench.