01 March 2006

Ack Ack Ack

I saw Billy Joel Monday night! Never thought I would go to see him, though I can't help but like his songs. Well, most of them. Our seats were in the nosebleeds, but I must say our view was just fine. It was a superb performance: I've never seen such nimble fingers. Plus, he doesn't try to act younger than he is, but he doesn't seem AARP either. Cathy and I heard all the old favorites, and sang along occasionally.

The only complaint of the night: about four girls sitting next to us were such trash, and I don't usually call another human being that. They were, though. I've never seen so much beer consumed in two hours, and they smoked! Yes, my pet peeve. I didn't say anything, though I did leave my seat to hear "We Didn't Start the Fire" in clean air.

Let me leave this open for comment: should I have said somethink to the drunk girls, or told security on them, or just endured the smoke despite it being a no-smoking building? (Madison Square Garden!)


k said...

those girls sound annoying.

well, at least they weren't smoking weed.

Catherine said...

To be honest, I prefer the smell of weed to cigarette smoke - it's more earthy. And I'd rather sit next to a giggling pothead than a bunch of drunken ripped-jeans floozies.

Marie said...

Remember we told on smokers at the Beck concert? You should have totally ratted. And bout the weed - lol. You crack me up. Although yeah, cigarette smoke makes my throat sore.

Marie said...

Actually, I wish I had seen him. I don't know if it was being young and impressionable - but I went through a Billy Joel faze when I was 11 or 12...I don't really talk about it that much-lol. No, his music is good, he just has a simple appeal to it. Guess that's why it invites trashy people - just kidding! Goodnight Saigon was a pretty deep war song.