02 March 2006

I'd Like to Thank the Academy

Sometimes, on a guilty pleasure rainy day, I'll watch those shows they do after the award shows (especially this time of year), where a panel of fashion critics make catty commentaries about the dresses worn by those on the red carpet. Of course, sometimes they are pretty funny. Usually, though, it's a real waste of time - bits of hours I will never get back. Thankfully I tend to multitask when the TV is on, so I probably organized my socks or something during the shooting off of a Rivers mouth.

Maybe I'm the only person in this world who thinks this, but what was the big deal about Bjork's dress? Do we really want to see her in a demure "red carpet appropriate" outfit, ever? She is not supposed to look normal, she's Bjork! That's her appeal! And, by the way, the shoes were pretty cute. I think the critics are kinda jealous. They could never attempt a bird-inspired dress and look cute anyway.

I may have gone for a peacock, though.


k said...

bjork is hot. too bad all the snooty fashion people didn't/don't see the fun in that dress. instead, they use it as another occasion to bash, which is absolutely typical.

k said...

i just read a funny joke about this dress:

"I have sad news. Bjork, she can't be here tonight. She was trying on her Oscar dress when Dick Cheney shot her."

- Jon Stewart

Marie said...

I know, it's like what did you expect? A black evening gown? It's Bjork for goodness sake!

Anyway, the dress she wore while performing "Big Time Sensuality" on MTV is my all time dream wedding dress. It was fantastic.