30 March 2006

Fond Memories of Winter (now that it's over)

I really didn't mind the quiet of my block when the street was piled high with snowdrifts. Now I must sacrifice the silent nights of winter for the rowdy midnights, if I want to see the cherry blossoms. Half full or half empty?

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Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

Did it really snow that much/ It almost looks surreal.
I hear u about the noice factor. One disadvantage of cherry blossom season. That is why I prefer the snowbound effect. Its a natural way of controlling the masses. I LOVE IT! Its a natural insulator to rude intrusive noise.Gives the illusion your in the country. But Alas spring brings forth flowers.
My neighboors across the street--homeboy pitbull mad and the born agains who come home in flocks singing and wake u up singing...hallaluhahaing....severaltimes JP has yelled out the window. Me I'm like--can't they minister to us and let us sleep --then again I suppose folks say that about us...o well.