14 March 2006

Must Visit Montreal Again

I haven't been to Montreal in almost three years, and I was thinking about how nice it would be to see it again. Montreal is one of those places that marries Europe and America in a way that tends to bring out the best in both.

Second Cup kept me awake on my two weekend visits there. It's Canada's answer to Starbucks, and may I say a bit more affordable. Some of them are open 24 hours, which would have been good to know the time we arrived at the crack of dawn, only to wander aimlessly in search of a decent breakfast place. Later in the day, there are some delectable creperies about Rue St. Denis, and I noticed a tea shop that sadly I haven't had a chance to try out. The shopping's not bad either. I used to get thrilled about the Lush shop, since at the time we had none in New York, but even so. Plus the architecture is quite photogenic.

I'll be back!

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