23 March 2006

Clone Attack 2

This is weird...

I was going through the revolving doors of my building, returning from lunch, when I saw a girl going out (I was going in) who looked a lot like me. A LOT. More than my sisters (though not much more than Pam, we do look quite similar), and more than Chelsea Clinton (who I used to be compared with, like it or not.) The resemblance would not have concerned me, but, unbelievably, she was wearing the same coat as me! I started imagining that I had passed through a hole in the time-space continuum and, in fact, was seeing myself at another hour, leaving the building. Then I went back to work.

Really, though, people used to tell me all the time that I looked like Chelsea Clinton, and it made me furious. Once I was even mistaken for her in a coffee shop. Do you people really think the (at the time) president's daughter would go out for pancakes all alone in midtown? Doubt it!

I met Bill Clinton in December 1997 while shopping at South Street Seaport. He didn't say anything about the supposed resemblance. I should have asked, perhaps. Maybe I would have scared him; he may have wondered if he'd spent time in NY 20 years ago. Huh.

Sadly, after she started looking better I no longer got the comparisons. What is that?

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Marie said...

Because you no longer look alike.