21 August 2006


I was reading this article about improvements in the works for Port Authority. Man, can they ever use it! Even with Empire Coffee and Tea and Cupcake Cafe being a walk away, it's always been a cruddy spot.

The article refers to Grand Central Terminal's makeover in the 1990's. I started work right before those renovations began, and it was definitely a nice change. Although rumors abound that hygiene is not up to par in the underground dining area, well, the same could probably be said for many swanky eateries all over the City. I don't watch those exposes on the evening news because I'd probably never eat out again. Anyway, Grand Central isn't a bad place to go in extreme weather - there's an underground passageway to the Terminal from the building I work in - I could avoid the weather all day with the exception of my short walk to the subway in the morning. Besides dining there are little shops (still hoping for a Lush someday) and a bookstore. I guess this is the equivalent to Montreal's underground city, though not as extensive.


k said...

I've never actually eaten there, but love going through Grand Central terminal--it feels like walking through a movie set just b/c it's such a popular sight.

Catherine said...

It's very movie-like. Kal Ho Naa Ho scenes were filmed there - Bollywood in NY, and Bon once saw Ashton Kutcher filming something. Fun stuff.