03 August 2006

One Year of Love

I took Zenobia home one year ago today. She started out kind of bratty and retiring, a bit noisy, but has proven to be quite a nice cat.

In the past weeks since I lost my father, Zeno and I have been staying with my sister and her husband. The apartment I shared with Zeno and Dad is undergoing some renovations as I will staying there. Until then, Zeno has been incredibly patient staying in her one bedroom (so she won't be bombarded by the three cats and dogs in residence), rarely complaining. In fact, she's been more affectionate than ever. She's a comfort during this time, almost a new Duforth. I look forward to many more years of Zenobia.

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k said...

pets really are wonderful, sensitive, doting creatures.

Marie said...

Her lion mane is so adorable. Yes they seem to sense when you are emotional...they do calm the nerves.